Privacy & Security

National Bank of Commerce is committed to helping you protect your financial information and avoid scams that can compromise the security of your financial accounts. This page provides advice and links to public resources to help you stay informed about the latest in how to protect your identity and financial assets.

Key Privacy & Security Points

  • Please be advised that National Bank of Commerce will NEVER ask for your personal information (e.g., account number, bank card number, social security number, PIN, password) by email or phone. If you do receive an email or phone call requesting personal information that appears to be from National Bank of Commerce, DO NOT respond and contact us immediately at 877-733-6862.
  • Before you disclose any personal or confidential information to any company or individual, ask how it will be used and protected.
  • Never enter personal information into a form you receive by email.
  • Never click on email links that request confidential information.
  • If you need to update personal information, go directly to the institution's website.
  • Always "Log Off" when you finish your Online Banking session.
  • Keep bank and other financial statements, checks, and debit and credit cards in a secure place. Shred statements, checks, credit card offers, charge receipts, and credit applications before discarding them.
  • If you think you have been a victim of identity theft involving a National Bank of Commerce account, please call us immediately at 877-733-6862.

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